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Sex and sexuality fascinates us here at Inspiring Sexuality. We love learning and writing about sex and relationships so this is where we will be writing regular blogs for you to read and enjoy.


Sexhibition 2016

Wow, where do I begin….? What an epic weekend. Me and the Inspiring Sexuality TV crew arrived on Friday and the Victoria Warehouse was already pretty full of weird and wonderful people (please note, I love weirdos and don’t mean weird in a derogatory way at all!) We wondered around talking to people and taking…


My first sex party (pre party diary)

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to go to a sex party? I can imagine for some people it would be their worst nightmare. For others their ultimate fantasy.   For me, it’s a fantasy. I like to watch and I like the idea of being watched. As long as it’s…


Rachael McCoy

The VAGINA Master Class (For Men)

This month at Sexhibition 2016 I bring you The VAGINA Master Class. It is a no BS, straight to the point Class for men who want to learn the sexual techniques to give their women incredible orgasms time and time again! What you will learn: Techniques to stimulate the clitoris Ways in which you should…



Struggling with what to buy your woman this Valentines?

Struggling with what to buy your woman this Valentines?     A cheeky (but very clever) non sex related Valentines tip is to buy her things that she will either use frequently or see frequently. The reason – she’ll swoon and think of you whenever she sees/ uses it. Sorry to be brutally harsh but…


Sex stamina post

3 simple ways for men to build sex stamina

1. The sex stamina long and short plank   This is a fantastic exercise for building sex stamina for when you are on top. It can feel very disappointing for some women when her man can only last a minute before plonking his body down on hers and flattening her boobs in the process. Not…


Silicone Lube

5 ways to use silicone lube

Silicone lube is my favourite kind of lube. It’s light, extremely slippery and stays lubey for longer than any other type of lube. Not only is it a wonderful aid for having sex though. I have found some other fantastic uses for silicone lube too. Here I’ve listed 5 of my favourite reasons to use…


7 Most exciting dates for men

Would you like to treat your man to a fun day out or a date experience that he’ll never forget? Most people love dating and we’ve all been on the classic dates like cinema and then to dinner. But how boring and predictable are they? I suggest doing something completely out of the norm. A…