Sex Advice

Over the years I have received thousands of emails from people wanting sex and relationship advice. I absolutely love helping people and have also found that the more questions I answer about various different situations and issues, the more I learn myself. So not only am I helping other people but you are also helping me. Thank you. I have put together this Sex Advice page with a variety of the most commonly asked questions I receive.

We all have questions about better sex and relationships. If we didn’t I wouldn’t have a job, the thousands of books on this subject wouldn’t have been written and magazines and papers wouldn’t have sections dedicated to answering these types of questions.

Although there is tonnes of advice out there, sometimes it may feel a little impersonal to you, a bit generalised and sometimes even ‘salesy’. I offer sex advice not because I think mine is the best or the only advice that is ‘right’. I offer sex advice because I love doing it and I’m passionate about helping others.

My aim is to build a relationship with my readers, viewers and clients. One where you feel you are getting the answers, support, advice and encouragement that you’re after. I’m a real person and not an untouchable expert somewhere in the world.

I’m honest, I’m genuine and I speak from my heart. If you’d like to know what other people say about me please click here.

All my love,


I also do sex toy reviews which can be very helpful if you are thinking about getting yourself or your partner a naughty new treat. Click here to read or watch them. Also be sure to check out my free sex tips for men and women (couples and singles) which can give you some tips and tricks on how to enhance your sex lives, your confidence levels and your communication skills in relationships.