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This is where I share with you all of my quick and easy-to-learn Sex Tips. Some may seem a little random but generally they all relate to better sex, better relationships and more self-confidence. Click on a video to watch or read the written version of each sex tip, which ever you prefer.

My Sex Tips will help you to:

  • Build Confidence
  • Learn New Skills
  • Get ideas to experiment with
  • Give you food for thought
  • Discover new things about yourself and your partner (if you have one)

These handy tips and tricks are for men and women no matter your age, sexual orientation or relationship status. I will be covering a vast variety of subjects so there really is something for everyone. Make sure you’re one of the first people to get my hot Sex Tips by subscribing to my page  and every month I’ll send you an email with links to all my latest Sex Tips videos.

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Tip for men receiving oral sex

We all know how great it is receiving oral sex. It’s easy to get lost in the moment, consumed with all the pleasure your partner is showering you with. But here’s a helpful tip, always remember to keep that bodily contact with your partner when receiving oral sex!   As great as it feels for…


Be a Pussy tease!

We’ve all heard the saying ‘cock tease’ right? Well men, you should aim to be a pussy tease too! You may be surprised to know that women actually like a challenge just as much as men. If you find that your woman is becoming less interested in sex it may be because she never has…


Act like a porn star

Porn and porn stars are quite controversial aren’t they? Everyone has their own opinion on the subject, which is great. I personally love ‘good’ porn (bad porn to me is when the actor/s clearly aren’t enjoying it, the sex looks awful and the actors are either really cheesy or don’t have any stage presence and…


Delicious Smelling Panties

Mmmmm….. delicious smelling panties…. Here’s another simple and affective little trick that I use that I want to share with you all. How sexy is it when you are with your lover/ partner/ hubby or wife and as you slowly get closer to their goodies and you get an incredible waft of clean laundry? Your…


Creating intimacy during sex

There are many ways of creating intimacy and a stronger connection during sex. But here’s just one simple and easy-to-do sex tip that you can try today! When having sex take some time out to just feel each other. I mean really enjoying the feeling of being inside each other. Connecting completely with your vagina…


Doggy Style Sex Tips For Girls

This is a doggy style sex tip for the girls. Doggy style sex is a wonderful position for a number of reasons. The comfort of the position The deep penetration The view for the person behind The ability for movement and thrusting action The versatility of the position (using furniture and cushions to adjust the…


Clitoral stimulation lesson for men

Clitoral stimulation is a skill that I believe every straight man should practice to ‘perfection’ if he wants to be able to bring his woman to climax with just his fingertips. There are so many ways to please even the smallest part of the body but clitoral stimulation is definitely a very important sexual skill…