Sexual Success Master Class – For Him

Men do you want to:

  • Gain sexual power and personal confidence?
  • Know how to attract the woman of your dreams?
  • know how to keep a woman interested and sexually attracted to you?
  • Learn the sexual techniques that will leave coming back for more, again and again?
  • Keep the sex in your relationship smoking hot?
  • Learn how to communicate what you want better so to avoid ‘drama’ and arguments?
  • Learn how to make your woman truly happy?
  • Understand how to handle the complexities of a woman?
  • Discover what Sexual Success actually means?
  • Have loads of fun in the process?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then Rachael can help you. The Sexual Success Master Classes – For Him are empowering, fun and friendly sessions that are packed full of useful and practical tips and techniques which can be implemented instantly whether you’re single or in a relationship. Rachael’s classes start with you.

What to expect

Rachael’s Sexual Success Master Classes take the form of a relaxed ‘boys night out’ but with a twist. You will each have a perfectly sculpted realistic mould to play with as Rachael guides you to practically learn all of her tried and tested sexual techniques. The ingenious, fun and creative tips and techniques have been designed to ignite passion, self-confidence and undeniable skill. In these two hour long sessions, Rachael teaches men her essential 7 Steps to Making a Woman Cum. These include a series of masturbation, oral sex and breast stimulation techniques that will leave your woman weak at the knees!

Rachael offers an engaging and candid style of teaching, where her main aim is that men attending the class can feel comfortable throughout whilst still learning loads of essential advice and having fun at the same time. She specializes in teaching and demonstrating sexual techniques, teaching confidence building skills and teaching better communication strategies in relationships.

What you will learn

  • The 7 secrets to making a woman cum
  • What women really want
  • Breast tips most men don’t know
  • Masturbation techniques that will change your sex life FOREVER
  • The “tongue tips” that will make her cum in seconds
  • Tips for improving your performance…and stamina
  • The best sex toys for you, her and both of you to use together
  • And the 5 biggest mistakes that turn good sex bad


Sexual Success Master Classes are held monthly in exquisite venues around the UK. To inquire about the next Master Class near you please enter your email address and location in the contact form at the top right of this page and one of our team will be in touch soon.

How Much?

Each ticket for a two hour long master class session is £200. You will get a glass of champagne (or pint of beer) on arrival (every venue has a bar for top ups) a ‘remind me’ guide book to take with you reminding you of the 7 steps to sexual success with an explanation of each technique that you’ve learned and you get a goody bag full of naughtiness that will enhance everything you have learned in the Master Class.

Rachael has held teaser classes at the Love Sex and Intimacy Fair and officially launched The Sexual Success Master Class at Erotica the UK’s largest and longest running sexual lifestyle and well-being show in October 2013 to packed audiences.

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