Silicone Lube

5 ways to use silicone lube

Silicone lube is my favourite kind of lube. It’s light, extremely slippery and stays lubey for longer than any other type of lube. Not only is it a wonderful aid for having sex though. I have found some other fantastic uses for silicone lube too. Here I’ve listed 5 of my favourite reasons to use…

Act like a porn star

Act like a porn star

Porn and porn stars are quite controversial aren’t they? Everyone has their own opinion on the subject, which is great. I personally love ‘good’ porn (bad porn to me is when the actor/s clearly aren’t enjoying it, the sex looks awful and the actors are either really cheesy or don’t have any stage presence and…

Big knicker fetish

How do I get over my fetish?

Hi, I have a weird fetish…… that I’m really embarrassed about and I just want it to go away. I get really turned on by big knickers, the bigger and less attractive, the better. Little thongs and cute lacey or frilly knickers do nothing for me. I wish they did and I didn’t feel like…

Does anal play make me gay

Does anal play make me gay?

Dear Rach, I’m a straight man and recently I’ve been masturbating and experimenting with anal play. The only issue that I have is that I’m really enjoying it. Does that mean I’m gay? I’m worried about telling my girlfriend about it in case she thinks I am. Kevin- Plymouth Kevin, I get asked this question…

Confidence is sexy

Confidence Vs Modesty

I recently went to a girly night with about 25 other women, only knowing 1 or 2 of them quite well. We all had a great time and it was fab to have a woman-only night. We all have an inexplicable understanding, connection and bond from the get go. Motherhood, men, friendships, work, equality etc. You know the scenario. You go around introducing yourself and end up picking a couple of girls to hang with that you instantly mesh with. You make the effort to speak to some others but quickly realise they bore the hell out of you and try to steer clear for the rest of the night.