Rach - Inspiring Sexuality's creator

Head Honcho

Name: Rachael McCoy

Role: Managing Director

Likes: My job! Food, laughter, sex, sleep, family, friends, gym, camping, Lindt chocolate, hearts (shapes not organs), DIY, candles, PJ’s, children, animals, travel, heels, self-help books, crystals, chillies, sex toys, porn, dancing, public speaking and stand-up comedy.

Dislikes: Liars, thieves, bullies and people that cough or yawn without covering their mouths.


Customer Service Legend

Name: Lisa Cunningham

Role: Customer Service Managing

Likes: Bubble baths, baking, Jamie Oliver, reading, Australia, astronomy and being Inspiring Sexuality’s Customer Service Manager.

Dislikes: Gossip, textured wallpaper, unfriendly people and reality TV.


Photo, Web & Video Sensation

Name: Jonathan

Role: Web Guru, Photographer, Videographer

Likes: Gadgets, Computers, Cameras, Gym, Dancing

Dislikes: “At the end of the day”. “To be fare”. Inane catchphrases. The sound of people eating.